R / January 2017

Fragments from the trip: From 29.12.2016 – 11.01.2017



Visual Recapitulation


Being Green Again

From the distance of Baltic Sea

From the Smell of Cheap Vodka

The Scream of Seagulls

Flying above Red Bricks.

So Red.

So Dirty.

So Wet.

From Sadness in Their Eyes

To the Reflection in mines too.

From the Signs Written

White Chalk on the Old Wooden Door

Like the Small Hidden Threats

Like the Crime That can not be undone.

Through my Bones it goes

The Acid

The Toxic

We are sipping

In Fountains

And Ever Happy New Year.

To the coldness

To the grimness

To the pure

To the most disturbed

Parts of this Trembling World

All away I’ve walked

I’ve traveled

With the baggage Of my Own

With nothing more

Than a Rope

And a Pair Of Scissors.

And I’ve been thinking

I have been thinking

So hard About the Stains

That stay

When the Horizon is left


Dust stay

And the Ground is Still Fragile

And the Birds are singing

Oh Holy

Take me back Into Your Arms

And the Grass starts To grow again

But is it really Green?

Can it really be Green?

What’s in this Air?

What’s in this Sky Tonight?

What’s in this Winter?

I’ve never felt one like this Before?

Where are the Sparks?

Where are my Eyes?

Where is my Human?

Where are my reflections?

My Seeds?

And my Shadows?

01.01.2017 Gdansk, Poland







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